You heard it here first folks, we’re launching a blog! We have so many talented staff and Ambassadors (interns) who have amazing ideas and research to share with the broader anti-hunger community, and we wanted to give them a space to do that.

This blog will contain articles that tell the history of the anti-hunger movement, personal stories about working in the food recovery space, the food system, and much more. We want to create a space for learning and growth, among our team and the community.

We will start this blog with some amazing posts written by our Spring Ambassadors. All seven Ambassadors have spent these last few months doing incredible outreach for our team while also learning about the food recovery space at a hands-on level. We are honored to have the opportunity to share some of their work with all of you.

We’re excited to begin this new chapter with you, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. You can sign up for email alerts about new posts here, or just check the website on a regular basis!